Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September 20, 2023


Carity Inc. (“Carity”, “We”, “Our”, or “Us”) is committed to protecting the privacy and security of Our users. Carity provides various services, including Carity’s web application(s), mobile application(s), social media account(s), and service(s) offered through or in conjunction with third parties (collectively, the “Services”). Please read this privacy policy (the “Policy”) carefully before you (a user of the Services) access, or otherwise use the Services (you, the user of the Services, referred herein as “You” or “Your”). If You do not agree with this Policy, please do not use the Services. If You do access or otherwise use the Services, or continue to use the Services after the Policy has been changed (see below), You (i) agree to the terms and conditions of this Policy and (ii) this Policy shall have the same effect as a binding written agreement executed by You and Us.

The Services may be subject to additional terms and conditions. Please review such terms and conditions before accessing or otherwise using the Services.

This Policy may have changed since the last time You reviewed it. The date of the last update to this Policy is indicated above. If this Policy materially changes, We will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify You that the Policy has changed. This may be done by direct communication to You or indication via the Services.

I. Information We Collect

When You use the Services, We collect information (including personal information) from You. The information We collect may be provided by You, collected by Us or by a third party, or received from a third party. By using the Services, You consent to the collection, use and disclosure of Your information. You may refuse or withdraw Your consent any time. Please refer to VI. Access, Accuracy and Choice.


As permitted by law, consent to the collection of Your personal information may be implied. In certain circumstances, express consent may be required, and We will do so if it is determined that We must obtain express consent from You. Otherwise, Your acceptance of this Policy indicates Your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of Your information.

Subject to legal and contractual restrictions, You may refuse or withdraw Your consent at any time by notifying Us in accordance with this Policy. We note that some of the Services require Your personal information to function properly or the Services may only be offered if You provide Us with Your personal information. In such cases, if You refuse or withdraw Your consent, the Services may not be available to You. To refuse or withdraw Your consent, please refer to VI. Access, Accuracy and Choice.

Cross-border Transfers and Outsourcing

Carity is headquartered in Canada; however, some of Our development occurs outside of Canada and We may use hosting services located outside of Canada.

As detailed in the disclosure section below where We describe how We share information with third parties, We work with third parties who may be located outside of Canada and Your information may be processed and/or stored in a country outside of Canada. As a result, foreign federal and state governments, Canadian federal or provincial courts or law enforcement or regulatory agencies may be able to obtain disclosure of Your information through laws applicable in the foreign countries and Canada. Your use of the Services or Your submission of any information to Us will constitute Your consent to the transfer of Your information outside of Your country of residence, which may provide for different data protection and privacy rules than in Your country.

Information You Provide Us

We collect Your personal information when You give it to us. Collection may be facilitated through various means such as:

  • Communications: If You use the Services to communicate with Us or other parties, the content of Your message and information about You, including about the device You used to communicate, will be collected.
  • Content: If You upload, attach or otherwise share any URL, images, documents or other content with the Services, such content will be collected.
  • Verifications: As part of the Services, We may require verification from You to validate Your identity. To facilitate such verification, We may collect information about You for such verification purposes and We will retain such information for a period of time consistent with our corporate retention policy.
  • Sign-up: When You register an account with the Services, We may collect personal information that is made available to us. For example, We may collect Your name, address, gender, email, phone number and date of birth to open up Your account. Additionally, Our accounts may be provided through a social login, such as Google or Facebook, and such providers may provide Us with information about You.
  • Referrals: The Services may facilitate sharing to a friend, family, colleagues or other connections that You may have through social media accounts, e-mails, messaging services and other sharing platforms, which may require You to enter personal information.
  • Ratings and Reviews: We may ask You to participate in surveys or submit reviews and/or ratings for Our Services. If You participate in these surveys, reviews or ratings, You may be asked to answer various questions, which may include personal information such as Your name and email address.
  • Contact Us: When You contact us through the “Contact Us” form on the Services, We collect personal information that You provide us through the form. Such information may include Your name, e-mail, telephone number, and other information requested on the form. We may provide support to You via chatbots, forms, and other interactive platforms and We may collect information from You, including Your name, e-mail, and the text You input into such platforms.
  • Job Applications: When You submit a job application to Us, We may collect Your personal information such as Your name, e-mail, mailing address, telephone number, education information, employment information, and any other information that You provide Us in Your resume, cover letter or otherwise.
Information We Collect

We may collect information about You or other related information without You providing it directly to Us, Our business partners or Our third-party service providers.

Information Automatically Collected

We may collect Your information automatically when You use the Services. This collection may be done directly by Us, or via a third-party service provider. For third-party service providers, please also refer to the disclosure section below where We describe how We share information with third parties. We may automatically collect Your information, including personal information, such as Your IP address, telephone number, device information, geo-location, identifiers (such as advertiser identifier), browser information, operating system information, and interaction with the Services.

Information from Other Sources

We may collect information about You from third-party sources. When You connect to the Services using Your social media accounts or other federated identity management services, We may receive information such as Your public profile, language, age group, country, and other information that such social media services or federated identity management services may provide. In addition to enabling the connection, We may use Your information for delivering advertisements that may be relevant or of interest to You. Please see the Marketing and Remarketing section below.

II. Purposes of Collection, Use and Disclosure

We use the information collected for the purposes for which it was collected, which are listed below in the Purposes section. If a purpose is not listed, We will disclose the purpose before or at the time of collecting the information.


Your information may be collected, used and disclosed for the following purposes:

  • To communicate with You in accordance with applicable laws
  • To provide Services to You
  • To verify Your identity
  • To connect with Your other accounts such as social media accounts
  • To provide recommendation and offers on products and services
  • To develop new and improve existing products and services
  • To respond to Your inquiries and comments
  • To prevent fraud and abuse of the Services and to otherwise protect Our business
  • To protect other users of the Services against security breaches
  • To understand Our user base and effectiveness of the Services
  • To administer, operate and improve the Services and for internal business purposes
  • To compile aggregated data, perform statistical analyses and otherwise analyse Our business for internal and external business purposes
  • To create, train and improve Our artificial intelligence models (more on this below)
  • To display relevant advertising and remarketing across websites
  • To comply with legal and governmental requirements
  • To process job applications

The purposes for which Your information is collected may be applicable for Us to process Your information or for a third-party service provider to process Your information in relation to the Services.

Artificial Intelligence

We are actively involved in research and development in the field of artificial intelligence. One use case for information that We collect through the Services is to train Our artificial intelligence models. However, if We use Your information for such training purposes, we will first de-identify any information that may identify You.

III. How We Share Information

We may disclose Your information to various parties as disclosed in this section. These parties include Our business partners, third-party service providers, government authorities or other parties as described in this section.

Third-Party Service Providers and Business Partners

We may use third-party service providers to perform functions in connection with the Services. Some of the third-party service providers and business partners may be provided or given access to Your personal information and they may be located outside of Canada.

Below is a description of how We share information with Our third-party service providers and business partners:

  • Consultation: We may work with partners to continue to improve the Services We provide to You and the viability of Our business. Consulting partners may be provided broad access to Our information for them to have a holistic understanding of Our business. This may include Your information and the level of access may depend on the service provided by Our consulting partners. For example, a consulting partner working with Us on privacy improvements may have greater access to Our data.
  • Notification: We may use the services of companies that provide notification services for Us to reach Our user base. This notification may be via the Service (e.g. in-app or in-website notification) or outside of the Service (e.g. e-mail, SMS). To enable this service, We may share Your IP address, device information, operating system information, e-mail, phone numbers, and information about Your activities on the Service.
  • Technology Providers: We may work with various partners to make Our Services more safe, effective and efficient. Some examples of providers we use include CRM providers, DMS providers, VOIP providers, cloud services providers, automotive marketplace providers, and identity verification providers.
  • Business Partners: We work with various business partners who play an integral part in providing the Services to You. To ensure a smooth delivery of Our Services to You, we may share Your name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Analytics: We may work with companies that specialize in analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, Mixpanel). These companies allow Us to understand Our users, the performance of the Service, and any errors, faults or failures that may occur with the Service. To perform these functions, analytics providers may use cookies and other tracking technologies as described below.
  • Marketing and Remarketing: Our marketing partners help Us market Our products and services to acquire more users. Remarketing may occur on other digital platforms such as Facebook and Google. We may share Your information with these providers through technologies such as cookies and web beacons (please see Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies below). Your information such as identifiers, device information, location-based information, operating system information, activities on the Service (e.g. actions taken, screens viewed) and IP address may be shared with marketing partners. Please refer to Facebook’s data policy ( and Google’s privacy policy ( for more information.
  • Reviews and Ratings: The reviews and ratings functionality in the Service may be provided by a third-party service provider.
  • Federated Identity Management: We work with companies that provide federated identity management. To enable such a service, We may provide Your personal information to such companies to verify Your identity.
  • Referral Services: We may work with companies that enable You to refer a friend, family, colleagues or other connections via e-mail, messaging services, social media platforms and other communication means. We may share Your name, e-mail, phone numbers, device information and IP address to enable this referral service.
  • Artificial Intelligence: We may work with artificial intelligence service providers (e.g. Open.AI, Stability.AI) to improve the Services. Information, such as Your communications with sellers and/or buyers, collected from the Services may be shared with such providers to train language models and otherwise be used to improve the Services.
Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

Third-party service providers may collect or receive Your information from the Service through the use of cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies. This information may be used for advertisements, analytics and other services that may be relevant or of interest to You.

  • Cookies: We use cookies, which are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored on Your device. We use both session and persistent cookies; the former is deleted when You close Your browser whereas the latter is deleted when You clear Your cookies. Cookies are both created by Us and Our partners. Cookies may store information such as Your login information (except passwords), session information, device information, network information and usage statistics. To disable cookies, please adjust Your browser settings. However, some features on the Service may not function properly if cookies are disabled.
  • Web Beacons: Web beacons (also known as pixels) allow activities to be tracked and We may use it to track Your activities on the Service, help us with Our marketing and remarketing efforts, offer You products and services You may be interested in. Web beacons may collect Your information that is similar in nature to information stored in cookies such as Your login information (except passwords), session information, device information, network information and activities on the Service (e.g. actions taken, screens viewed).
Business Changes

If We become involved in a merger, acquisition, sale of assets, joint venture, securities offering, bankruptcy, reorganization, liquidation, dissolution, or other transaction or if the ownership of all or substantially all of Our business otherwise changes, We may transfer Your information to a third party or parties in connection therewith. Specifically, We may disclose information about You to third parties without Your consent where We believe that such disclosure is necessary to determine whether to proceed with a prospective business transaction or to complete a transaction in progress, or where the information is necessary to carry on the activity that was the object of the transaction. A “business transaction” includes:

  • the purchase, sale or other acquisition or disposition of an organization or a part of an organization, or any of its assets;
  • the merger or amalgamation of two or more organizations;
  • the making of a loan or provision of other financing to an organization or a part of an organization;
  • the creating of a charge on, or the taking of a security interest in or a security on, any assets or securities of an organization;
  • the lease or licensing of any of an organization’s assets; and
  • any other prescribed arrangement between two or more organizations to conduct a business activity.
Investigations and Law

We may disclose information about You to third parties without Your consent if We believe that such disclosure is necessary to:

  • Investigate fraud and abuse on the Service;
  • Take action regarding suspected illegal activities;
  • Enforce or apply this Policy or other agreements with Us;
  • Comply with the law or guidance and cooperate with government authorities, regulatory bodies, law enforcement officials or private parties;
  • Protect Our rights, reputation, safety, and property, or that of users or others;
  • Respond to claims and legal process (for example, subpoenas); and/or
  • Protect against legal liability.

Where obliged or permitted to disclose information without consent, We will not disclose more information than is required.

Aggregated Information

Aggregated information that We compiled or created may be shared with third parties. The aggregated information does not contain Your personal information.

IV. Risk of Harm

We take security seriously and have taken steps to safeguard Your personal information by implementing physical, procedural, contractual and technical security measures. However, no measures are perfect and Your personal information may be compromised despite all of Our efforts. Please review this section carefully to understand the risk associated with providing Us Your information.

Security Measures

We protect Your personal information as follows:

  • Physical: Our offices are located in a modern, professionally managed and well-maintained commercial building with restricted access.
  • Procedural: We have put in place various organizational and operational processes to ensure that access to and use of Your personal information is limited.
  • Contractual: We have put in contractual obligations with third parties with whom We share Your personal information to ensure that Your personal information is secure and protected.
  • Technical: The Service includes technical securities such as encryption to ensure that Your personal information is secure. Further, We ensure end-point security of Our devices through strong password protection.

We retain Your personal information for as long as You use the Service and for a reasonable time thereafter. The exact retention period for information varies on the type of information and the purpose for which such information was collected. Some information is necessary to maintain, safeguard and operate the Service and as a result, such information may be kept indefinitely. When Your personal information is no longer required, We will destroy, erase or convert it to an anonymous form.

Residual Risk

Despite all Our efforts in safeguarding Your information, We cannot guarantee the safety of Your information. There are numerous sophisticated adversaries who may employ tactics to defeat Our security measures or the security measures of Our service providers and partners. If You determine that the residual risk remaining from providing Us Your information after taking into consideration the mitigation measures (both security and retention) described above, and the potential for such measures to be defeated, is greater than the benefit obtained from Your use of the Service or is beyond Your risk tolerance, then please do not use the Service. As explained in this Policy, You may refuse or withdraw Your consent at any time. By using the Service, You acknowledge that You understand and assume the risk associated with using the Service.


V. Other Websites and Other Parties


Please contact them directly for more information about their privacy practices.

VI. Access, Accuracy and Choice

We permit the reasonable right of access and review of Your personal information held by Us and will endeavour to provide the information to You within a reasonable time. We may refuse access or Your right of access may be limited in accordance with applicable law. To guard against fraudulent requests for access, We may require sufficient information to allow Us to confirm that the person making the request is authorized to do so before granting access or making corrections.

We do not routinely update Your personal information but will correct Your personal information when You have indicated to Us that it is inaccurate or incomplete.

You can withdraw Your consent to Our use of Your personal information at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not operate retroactively and may affect Your ability to use the Service.

To communicate with Us regarding this section or about this Policy in general, please contact Us at For some of Your personal information, You may withdraw consent or refuse collection through Your device. For example, You may disable location services or cookies.

VII. Children

We do not knowingly collect personal information from an individual under the age of 16. If You are under the age of 16, please do not submit any personal information through the Service. If You have reason to believe that We may have accidentally received personal information from an individual under the age of 16, please contact Us immediately at