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Human-like Chat

Consistently great experience that scales with your business.

Real-time AI learning

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Copilot for your team

Not ready for auto-pilot? Let Carity AI assist with suggested answers.


Interact with your customers on phone, SMS, social or your website.

Get started in minutes
Effortlessly build your knowledge base by quickly importing content from websites and PDFs. Ensure consistent and brand-approved responses from Carity AI, providing accurate and useful responses. Enhance CX by incorporating rich-media assets like photos and videos into the responses.
AutoBuyer support
Assistant to your team
Real time suggested answers for CX support team during customer interactions and access to consistent knowledge for internal training anytime, anywhere.
Assist your team
Simplified continuous learning
Coach Carity AI by teaching it new ways to answer questions. Enhance its capabilities in real time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date responses that align with your organization's evolving knowledge base. Seamlessly integrate new information and watch Carity AI thrive.
Real-time teaching on AI knowledge base
Influencer CX
Carity AI in Action
Helping car dealers source quality inventory
Thousands of consumers post their used cars on marketplaces. Carity AI helps dealerships understand and qualify the condition of these cars automatically, finding the best cars on marketplaces through 60,000 AI-powered conversations per month. Learn how we are helping dealers scale their inventory efficiently.
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